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PRESS RELEASE. Every year, natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods ravage countries all over the world, causing extensive destruction to local infrastructure and homes and resulting in casualties. The survivors of these catastrophes are left with great losses and are in desperate need of help from the outside. For years, many public welfare organizations and charitable groups have been actively aiding those affected by disasters worldwide, and CoinEx Charity is one of them. With its efforts in disaster relief programs for more than a year, CoinEx Charity has joined the global efforts to combat natural disasters by providing food, shelter, and medical supplies for hundreds of people, with its presence reaching all corners of the globe.

Since its establishment, CoinEx Charity has dedicated itself to offering assistance and relief to those affected by natural disasters. The organization has remained unwavering in its commitment to charity and its charitable actions have extended to remote and hard-to-reach areas, bringing much-needed help to victims of disasters.

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can be unavoidable, but CoinEx Charity has extended a helping hand to disaster survivors through its public welfare campaigns. The organization has been instrumental in disaster relief, especially in times of emergency. With quick and effective responses, CoinEx Charity provides support and aid for people in need.

2023 was a difficult year for Iran, which had to deal with multiple crises, including earthquakes and economic issues. On January 28, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit West Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran, killing at least three people and injuring over 800. The disaster wreaked havoc on the country’s economy, leading to job losses and income reduction for many households. At the same time, the number of refugees also increased. CoinEx Charity responded quickly to the humanitarian crisis in Iran and provided relief materials such as bed sheets, electronic heaters, and tents to people living in the disaster-affected areas. Additionally, the organization set up temporary shelters for those affected by the earthquake.

In 2022, the Philippines, Brazil, and Bangladesh experienced typhoons, heavy rainfalls, and floods. The disasters destroyed villages and homes in various areas, leaving many people homeless and without shelter. Stranded in perilous conditions, the locals needed basic supplies urgently.

CoinEx Charity took immediate action in response to the disasters, contributing to relief efforts in the disaster-stricken countries with donations. The organization provided shelters for refugees in the Philippines, Brazil, and Bangladesh, as well as donated essentials such as food, clothing, and medical equipment.

Over the past year, CoinEx Charity has played a major role in disaster relief across the globe and helped millions of people affected by natural disasters like earthquakes, heavy rainfalls, and typhoons. The organization has also gone beyond disaster relief and provided living supplies to local impoverished children, making sure they have access to basic necessities such as food, clean water, and medical care.

The relief efforts of CoinEx Charity in the earthquake in Iran are remarkable and the organization’s charitable action has certainly alleviated the sufferings of those affected by the disaster. Nevertheless, Iran is still facing numerous difficulties and requires more support to fully recover from the aftermath. The dire circumstances of the Iranians call on more international charities to follow in the footsteps of CoinEx Charity, reach out to the disaster-stricken areas, and make use of charity to assist more survivors. Together, we can help locals rebuild their communities, passing on a heartwarming message through charity.


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