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Press Release RecentlyCoinEx Charity has begun its second educational charity program in Türkiye. All students that were given donations from the first program have been able to continue their studies in the new term. Since CoinEx has been around for over a year now. Charity Has taken part in the Umudum Scholarship Program Local charity organizations are launching initiatives Kacuv in Türkiye, providing aid in tuition You can also find out more about the following: for 50 underprivileged students.

The Umudum Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students in preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, and universities in Türkiye who need financial help to continue their studies. This program is designed to increase students’ learning motivation and make sure their education isn’t interrupted due to financial hardships.

CoinEx Charity’s Push to Support Education

CoinEx Charity has been actively taking part in alleviating poverty and promoting educational welfare in deprived areas since last May. After CoinEx is celebrating more than a full year of exploration. Charity Has made a mark, which involves global visits and targeted assistance as well as joint donations. So CoinEx Charity The company has set up multiple charitable libraries and donated over $100,000 to educational welfare programs in collaboration with official charities in different countries.

CoinEx Charity’s educational welfare program has enabled more than 10,000 impoverished children around the world to return to school and successfully complete their studies. The New school supplies and libraries also improved their learning environment. The CoinEx has only just begun the journey to educational welfare. Charity You are not alone Every CoinEx, a compassionate social organization and institution, will receive a small portion of the educational assistance it provides. Charity This initiative will involve more charities as partners.

Thanks The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. Kacuv

This year, Türkiye has been hit by a major earthquake, causing millions of children to lose their homes and schools. According UN’s latest report NewsThe earthquake in this nation has been a serious blow to almost four million local students. Most of them haven’t been able to keep on studying after the disaster.

CurrentlyCoinEx Charity’s first educational welfare program in Türkiye has concluded, and the second has begun. In In the second program we aided some children who were affected by the earthquake to resume their studies. As a token of appreciation for CoinEx’s generous support, Kacuv A thank-you note was posted on TwitterYou can use these words to describe the words: “We want to thank CoinEx Charity for its ongoing support of our Umudum Scholarship Program. It has provided scholarships for 50 disadvantaged students in Türkiye to ignite their dreams for education.”

On CoYou can also find out more about the following:Ex Charity’s mission of educational welfare, we often receive thank-you letters from all over the world, including from Phuong Xa High School in Vietnam, Human Development Foundation DHF in ThailandUNICEF and. These Sincere letters of appreciation are a sign of acknowledgement for CoinEx Charity’s effort in educational charity, and encourage us to continue our commitment to this undertaking.

CoinEx Charity We are positive that economic difficulties shouldn’t be used to deny children their right to an education. HoweverIn remote areas, where educational resources are limited, children have many obstacles to overcome in order to receive a quality education. Several even drop out of school for financial reasons. The CoinEx has a long road ahead of it. Charity Will do its best to increase educational opportunities for children around the world, while calling for more charitable organizations to join this cause to jointly advance education for public welfare.


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