Ethereum Alpha Testnet and Pre-sale Updates


Important notice: Any Information in this post about the sale of ether may be out-of-date and possibly inaccurate. Please For more information about the sale, please refer to the most recent blog posts and official materials at

Ethereum received an amazing response at the Miami Bitcoin Conference. We were not expecting the enthusiasm and interest the project received. Vitalik’s presentation was met with both a standing ovation and a long line of questions.

With the intention of providing equal opportunities for all participants, we have decided to review the regulatory and logistical issues associated with a token sale of such magnitude. Consequently, the launch date of the sale has been delayed and will be announced on our website,

The Ethereum Project is pleased to announce the early release of the alpha version of the open-source client for testnet to the community in February. This will provide people with the opportunity to participate in the project, try it out and gain a better understanding of the technical properties, scripts and contracts that make up the Ethereum platform.

The testnet will enable users to send and receive transactions and the initial release scripting language, as outlined in the whitepaper. It may also include mining. This marks the first major cryptocurrency project to have two clients at the same time; one written in C++ and the other in English. A Python client is also in development. Soon, an Ethereum CLL to Ethereum script compiler will be available.

Security: A Note

The ether pre-sale will not go live on February 1st. All attempts to raise funds on that day should be regarded as a scam. There have been some fraudulent posts on the forums, so it is important to be vigilant and only trust what is posted on our official website, It is also essential to emphasize that information should only be shared and not posted.

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