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Nikosia, Cyprus, April 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There is an emerging trend in the crypto space to create a connection between cryptocurrency and traditional finance. This was not limited to the crypto market, but was also designed to link the “real” economy to the digital or offline world of economics. Enter, which was launched in April in response to this trend. Dec’2022.

The market has been saturated with various farms and similar DeFi’s for the last few years. All of these have been reliant on the actions of the “big players” and have been largely template-based. What are the best ways to get involved with the crypto world? – Hundreds of implementations of the familiar staking or farming logic that followed the trends set by Bitcoin and Ethereum or other popular currencies… But what is the alternative? A traditional crypto yield instrument which is based on the collective results of multiple assets within the system. How does it work? Let’s take a look.

The Zoinks Hedge was established by using the hedge fund model for its base. It was predicted that it is important to have a sensible spread of funds within the system, utilising different yield instruments. The main difference between this and the classic Hedge is that it reports the average result from profits and losses to its participants, rather than providing a profit/loss result. The Zoinks Hedge gives users the option to determine how their deposits will work and build the necessary infrastructure. There are four tokens within the system: Zoinks (HZUSD), Snacks (SNACK), btSnacks (BSNACK) & etSnacks (ETSNACK).

The base token is referred to as Zoinks. This is the main point of entry into the project and allows access to other system assets and the ability to withdraw profits. Zoinks is an algorithmic token that is traded on DeFi in the context of the Zoinks/BUSD liquidy pair. It is pegged 1:1 to BUSD.

The Snacks tokens are the main investment tools for the project. The algorithm for Snacks’ price formation is based on bonding curve mechanics that provide a consistent increase in the price of Snacks and helps regulate asset correction. You can redeem or mint your coins at any time and the price will increase or decrease in accordance with the appropriate mathematical model. There are three types of Snacks: Snacks which is tied to Zoinks, btSnacks which is tied to BTC and etSnacks which is tied to ETH.

Generally, users of Zoinks Hedge can make money in many ways.

· Liquidity farming of Zoinks/BUSD pair offers earning opportunities in Zoinks and Snacks;

· Get rewarded for holding Snacks, btSnacks or etSnacks – users can hedge the risks of exchange rate fluctuations of stablecoins and BTC or ETH;

· Staking Snacks – a basic opportunity to increase the assets within the system;

· Participation in the LunchBox subsystem is a low-risk way to reinvest the earned assets from the system in crypto trading, while keeping your initial deposit safe.

We should also mention that LunchBox is the initial attempt at a low risk model that can bring the opportunity to earn from outside. This subsystem generates profits and, at the same time, increases system liquidity by allocating BUSD rewards Commission throughout the entire system. This impacts the liquidity pairs on the exchanges. This low-risk approach provides the groundwork for future development, such as infrastructure solutions (IDO), Angel Future investments, loyalty programs and other options for infrastructure.

The Zoinks Hedge also guards funds from negative external impacts of the financial markets. Additionally, the PULSE subsystems are included in the logic of the inflationary algorithms and Seniorage is responsible for the instant floor price increase of Snacks. We will briefly describe this and say that there are several options available to the system. “Freezing” a portion of the tokens or corresponding assets can be used permanently on a daily basis, without any user activity. This forms an ever-increasing minimum price for the tokens, which can never be lower.

The project was designed and supported by a professional team and contains 100% of the code and testing bases. In the next few days, it will pass the smart contracts audits of all contracts. It will then move on to the implementation of highly-effective and modern security instruments. Coming soon: new infrastructural Modules.

In the near future, the Zoinks Hedge will open up new opportunities for investors in a variety of fiat- and crypto-based investments, as well as unique insurance options.

If you would like to stay up to date with the project and learn more about its unique mechanics and infrastructure, you are welcome to join the project’s socials and close community of existing investors and enthusiasts. We keep going. We are glad to have you as part of our team.

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