“Cookie3 MarketingFi Ecosystem Token Launches on ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter Platform”


Chainwire, Tallinn, Estonia, March 26th, 2024:

Cookie3, a MarketingFi Protocol and AI Data Layer, has announced the launch of its utility token, $COOKIE, on ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter in Q2 2024. This token will be the first of its kind to be launched within the Cookie3 ecosystem and aims to shift digital marketing value from advertising giants like Google and Facebook to users who bring quality and value to projects.

The project has received backing from top names in the industry, including Spartan Group, GSR, Big Brain Holdings, CMT Digital, Hartmann Capital, Jsquare, Orange DAO, and launchpads Polkastarter and ChainGPT, the latter also being the project’s accelerator.

According to Ilan Rakhmanov, the CEO and Founder of ChainGPT, the $COOKIE token is a revolutionary approach that combines AI, DeFi, and marketing, making it a valuable asset within the Web3 and Web2 digital marketing economy. The project has been closely involved in the development of Cookie3 and sees its potential impact across all areas of Web3, from degens to KOLs and businesses.

João Leite, the Managing Partner of Polkastarter, also expressed excitement about the launch of $COOKIE, stating that they have been following Cookie3’s progress for two years and are excited to see the token find its utility across the Cookie3 platforms.

Cookie3’s unique technological stack, which includes an AI Data Layer and a propriety off- and on-chain analytics engine, allows the project to push marketing value into its ecosystem and reward users through the $COOKIE token. This value exchange is made possible by the synergies between the Cookie DAO community and the Cookie3 multi-platform ecosystem. The Cookie3 tech also enables the understanding of user behavior and helps identify which users bring value to projects.

The Cookie3 ecosystem consists of three platforms – Cookie3 Analytics, Cookie3 Affiliate, and Cookie3 Score. These platforms provide solutions for marketers to better understand their users, reward creators for bringing quality audiences to projects, and allow individual users to market themselves to projects worth investing in.

With over 170 dapps such as Kyber Swap, Polkastarter, and GameSwift already using Cookie3 technology, the project has proven its capabilities and has gained trust from top names in the industry. Filip Wielanier, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cookie3, believes that the project’s solutions can change the value distribution game and is excited to contribute to the ecosystem with the Cookie3 multi-platform ecosystem and the $COOKIE token.

The $COOKIE token will have multiple utilities within the Cookie3 ecosystem, including generating rewards for holders and stakers, granting governance rights within the Cookie DAO, and giving holders a say in the future of Cookie3 products and platforms. The Cookie3 team has also announced a gamified $COOKIE Airdrop, with more details to be released on the Cookie Community platform.

Cookie3’s mission is to pioneer MarketingFi with an AI Data Layer and create a transparent marketing economy that benefits all stakeholders in the Web3 space. The project is backed by the Cookie DAO, a collective of MarketingFi enthusiasts, and ChainGPT, an AI infrastructure dedicated to developing AI-powered technologies for the Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto space.

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