Corite to Launch British Rapper Central Cee’s NFTs


  • Corite is a Web3 engagement platform designed to help artists raise funds.
  • Corite has raised over $1 million for its artists through Fan Campaigns so far.
  • It currently has over 100,000 users.

Corite, the Swedish music-tech startup, will be holding an NFT sale featuring the hits of British rapper Central Cee. The seller is top producer Young Chencs and the collection will include songs such as 6-For-6 and Little Bit of This.

The sale will involve the use of NFTs. A presale is going to be offered to the most dedicated and active fans on April 26. Through special “Missions,” Fans will be able to earn Fan Power and exchange the accumulated Fan Power for access to the presale. 

What is Corite?

Corite is a Web3 fan engagement platform that enables artists, both new and established, to raise funds for their music releases solely with the help of their fans. Corite assists artists with promotion, community building, and music distribution without taking their IP rights or the majority of their profits. 

The company is renowned for its collaborations with world-renowned DJ Alan Walker, Beyoncé and Usher producer Rico Love, and Disney star Emery Kelly. 

Corite’s CO Blockchain platform

Corite’s CO Blockchain platform presently has over 100,000 users. Literally any artist can fill out the application on Corite’s website and get a chance to get initial funding and marketing support from Corite, as well as assistance with further Mission creation.

A Mission is an assignment that an artist or Corite wants to reward for its value or its creativity. It could be making sure more people hear a new song, designing an artist’s logo, or making a TikTok dance. The possibilities are endless, and it will be different for each artist and from time to time.

That’s what Young Chencs, the creative force behind the Central Cee tracks in the collection, and Emelie Olsson, a female entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and COO and co-founder of Corite, said about this mutual project. 

Young Chencs says:

“Giving listeners the chance to put their money into music is a game-changing thing for me. It can be difficult to make a living as an artist, so this is a great opportunity for artists and producers.” 

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