Countdown to Metawin’s $1 Million Prize Draw: Revolutionary Blockchain Competition Platform Launches


With just one week until the grand prize draw of MetaWin’s Millionaire event on December 22nd, 2023, an air of excitement has been created as the countdown has begun. The competition offers one lucky participant the chance of a life-changing windfall of $1 Million USDC.

Prominent influencers have taken to social media platforms, including X, to amplify the buzz surrounding the competition and notably, the well-known NFT collector and Web3 ambassador, @Pranksy, boasting 440k followers, recently joined the race.

MetaWin is pioneering blockchain competition platforms as it operates on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring that all users, entries, contributions, and free entries are visible to the public. This groundbreaking approach ensures that the winning Ethereum address is able to receive the prize within seconds of the draw’s conclusion.

Additionally, MetaWin’s smart contract system enables users to scale up their entries, affording multiple chances to win for the same gas fee as a single entry. Opting for the online free entry method, users are able to participate without any financial commitment, however, they must pay a nominal Ethereum network gas fee.

With the competition closing on the 22nd, MetaWin invites all potential participants to seize the moment and secure their opportunity to join the ranks of millionaires created by MetaWin. Participants can claim their free entry and monitor their odds of winning until the competition’s final moments, via MetaWin’s official competition page.

MetaWin is leading the charge in the revolutionizing of the digital contest landscape, through harnessing the power of blockchain technology to deliver a competition experience characterized by transparency, fairness, and excitement. The future of online competitions is being shaped by MetaWin, and the team extends its best wishes to all entrants and anticipates celebrating alongside the fortunate victor.

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