Crypto Bull Market Re-emerging as Influencer Confirms By CoinEdition


  • David Gokhshtein, has asserted the return of the bull run in the cryptocurrency market.
  • A segment of Gokhshtein’s Twitter followers shared their agreement with his sentiment.
  • Since the start of the year, Bitcoin’s value has increased by 72.2%.

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and founder of G3Vrse, David Gokhshtein, has recently declared the return of the bull run in the digital asset market. The well-known influencer, who has almost 700,000 Twitter followers, tweeted the phrase “bull run is back”.

The tweet generated a number of responses from Gokhshtein’s followers, with some affirming that he has made similar remarks multiple times in the last month. Some used the thread to promote their preferred projects and others to mock those that predicted Bitcoin’s value to decrease prior to the next bull run.

The majority of Gokhshtein’s supporters agreed with his prognosis and seemed energized at the possibility of another bull market in crypto. The crypto market, driven by Bitcoin, began a significant rally from the beginning of this year. BTC’s price opened at $16,530 and ascended past multiple resistant levels in the first four weeks of 2021.

A brief pullback caused Bitcoin’s value to dip to $19,569 after hitting a high of $25,270. Nevertheless, the market’s upward momentum was rekindled recently, related to macroeconomic events and the issues faced by traditional banking.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s value is at $28,433, representing an increase of 72.2% since the start of the year.

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