Crypto Buzz Surges as NFPrompt Airdrop Announced Ahead of Binance Listing


The NFPrompt ICO (NFP) has gone live, with the expected closing date of September 30th, 2023. On Wednesday, December 27th, the token will be listed on Binance. In order to celebrate the event, the team has decided to run an airdrop on the same day, giving crypto enthusiasts the chance to earn free token rewards.

Since NFPrompt was tested out, it has been gaining traction in X. This UGC tool allows users to express their ideas with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It converts ideas into art using AI and the artwork can be then sold using digital currencies.

The Binance Launchpool airdrop for NFP tokens is now live and will end on Wednesday when the NFP Crypto will be officially listed on Binance for trading. The total rewards amount to 110 million NFP tokens, with a daily and hourly limit set for all stake options.

On Wednesday, the team will initiate the Season 2 token airdrop. 100 million tokens will be awarded to eligible participants, who must be registered NFP Supporters. The eligibility criteria include participation in OAT Campaigns or events, wallet activity, noteworthy NFT creations and social interaction on NFPrompt.

The NFP Creations and the upcoming airdrop have triggered a major buzz on social media. Several users have created digital artworks using AI and have decided to sell them via NFTs.

The total supply of NFP tokens is 1 billion, with 11% reserved for the Binance Launchpool, 10% distributed via the initial airdrop, 15% for the NFPrompt team, 10% for investors and 54% reserved for growth funds and treasury.

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