Unveils Crypto Earn Plus Program

Published: recently unveiled Earn Plus, their new crypto-earning programme tailored to benefit more customers. Earn Plus allows a higher allocation limit of up to $1,000,000 per supported device. It offers generous yields for two stablecoins, PayPal USD (PYUSD) and USDC Coin (USDC). The rewards structure is also simplified with a unified rate of reward, and the same rate applicable to the principal amount, rather than discounted rates applied to amounts above the $3,000 threshold.

The launch of Earn Plus comes at a time when the US is cracking down on the crypto-market. Recently, the SEC was criticized for their attitude towards crypto exchanges and products. Now, is benefiting from the product, and users can benefit from the higher allocation limit and simpler reward structure.

Earn Plus is available in the App, where users can easily gauge the total rewards. Interest rates can reach up to 5% a year. With this new product, is revolutionizing the world of crypto-earnings.

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