Crypto Investors Turning to These Altcoins as 2021 Approaches – Here’s Why


On Dec. 26, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization saw a minor uptick of 0.10%, amounting to $812.31 trillion. Trading volume for the last 24 hours was $22.98 billion, which is a 34.28% decrease.

The DeFi sector accounted for 7.04% in the total cryptocurrency market 24-hour volume, amounting to $1.55 trillion. Meanwhile, stablecoins contributed 91.07% of the total crypto market volume, coming in at $20.01 trillion.

In the past few weeks, cryptocurrency prices have remained in a narrow range, encouraging investors to look for assets that can offer higher short-term returns. Early buyers have access to some of the biggest pre-sales available.

Fight (FGHT)

FightOut is a platform similar to a personal trainer, except users get paid in FGHT tokens for exercising. All activities are recorded and can be used to increase the stats of a metaverse avatar.

People can earn FGHT tokens by being active and healthy while also taking advantage of blockchain technology. Despite the lack of Bitcoin liquidity, FightOut has grown and attracted attention from investors.

The token sale began last week and has so far raised over $2.39 million. The current sale price is 60.06 FGHT/$1 (FGHT can be bought with USDT or ETH). This price is expected to increase as the sale continues.

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Dash Trading 2 (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is an Ethereum platform that provides real-time statistics and social trading information, including signals, on-chain analysis, strategy building tools, and news. This should help both novice and experienced traders to keep up with the volatile Bitcoin market.

The D2T token sale has raised more than $10.8 million and is expected to end in 10 days. Early investors have a small window of opportunity. On January 11, the altcoin will be listed at its first exchange, LBANK Exchange, Changelly Pro

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