Crypto Hub Launches Android App to Track Cryptocurrencies, U.Today Newsfeed Included


Crypto Hub, a multi-product ecosystem of cryptocurrency data tracking, has launched a comprehensive Android application. The application includes modules for crypto price tracking, crypto portfolio tracking, crypto event tracking, jobs and news in crypto, as well as important crypto tools such as an Impermanent Loss Calculator.

Traders and investors will be able to customize their own portfolio and track preferred assets. They will also be able to set up and view the dynamics of particular segments, such as meme coins and DeFi coins. This feature will enable traders to better assess the sentiment in various segments and make more informed short-term and mid-term trading decisions.

In addition to trading information, jobs and event trackers, Crypto Hub has also integrated a reliable news feed. This news feed broadcasts content from a variety of reputable crypto media outlets, including U.Today.

U.Today is a top-tier cryptocurrency and blockchain media platform that constantly publishes news articles, reviews, market forecasts, tech analysis and more. Crypto Hub users will now be able to access reliable data about the most trending processes in crypto, as well as crucial announcements and upgrades. U.Today’s coverage of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Web3 tech, as well as digital, AI, telecom, economics, etc. will help crypto enthusiasts to expand their expertise and get a better understanding of the market.

You can find and download Crypto Hub on Google Play Store.

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