“Crypto Index Launches First Tokenised ETF with i20 Token”


Crypto Index, a self-styled ‘S&P of crypto’, has launched its first tokenised ETF, i20 (Index 20). This cryptocurrency provides investors with a secure and convenient way to purchase a stake in the value of the top 20 global cryptocurrencies, excluding stablecoins.

The aim of the i20 token is to simplify diversification and portfolio management with blue-chip cryptos. With the crypto market beginning to recover from recent global market downturns, the demand for easily accessible and diversified crypto portfolios is on the rise from both retail and institutional investors.

The token is modelled after the ETFs traded on global stock exchanges. Each investment into the token’s fund is equally distributed across the top 20 currencies (5% each) and the profits are directed into the fund. The top 20 index updates on a bi-weekly basis, adjusting accordingly to any market cap fluctuations in top 20 currencies.

Global crypto market-making agency CLS has partnered with Crypto Index to manage the company’s liquidity and maintain its algorithm, ensuring the movement of the token always represents the correct value. Crypto Index also plans to create a “Core Analyst Committee” of five expert analysts to conduct regular market analyses.

Co-Founder of Crypto Index, Adiel Barzel, commented: “We are witnessing an incredible demand for diversified investment opportunities within the crypto space. At Crypto Index, we see our launch as a pivotal milestone for the industry. It provides users with a one-stop-shop for exposure to the top 20 cryptocurrencies at any given time. The i20 token is flexible, transparent, and provides both experienced and inexperienced crypto investors with a convenient solution to diversified long-term investing across a wide range of currencies.”

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