“Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong Abruptly Ends Daily Shows, Reveals Shocking $25,000 Weekly Loss”


Ben Armstrong, also known as “Bitboy” in the cryptocurrency world, has announced the end of his daily livestream. The decision was made due to the rising production costs and legal fees, making it unsustainable for Armstrong to continue. In a video on his YouTube channel, Armstrong explained that he was spending $25,000 a week and facing legal fees of around $100,000 a month to keep the show running.

“We’re barely making it out here, guys. We’ve got lawyers coming at me from every angle,” Armstrong shared in the 10-minute video, which garnered 18,000 views by Wednesday evening. “Everyone I know is coming after me right now,” he added.

On his X account, Armstrong tweeted, “My daily crypto livestream has been my life. We had a good run. 3 years. Every Monday through Friday without rare exception. Holidays. Birthdays. Market crashes. Bull market tops. Epic rants. I was there with you through it all. I’ll miss you guys.”

Armstrong gained popularity in 2018 through his glossy crypto-related videos with titles such as “Make IMPOSSIBLE Gains with Bitcoin SUPERCYCLE,” which attracted a large audience seeking tips and entertainment. This led him to launch his own cryptocurrency, $BEN coin, in mid-2023.

However, his reign as “Bitboy” was cut short after facing personal accusations, leading him to file a lawsuit against the brand’s owning entity. In September 2023, Armstrong was involved in a heated confrontation with an individual named Carlos Diaz, where he attempted to “get his Lamborghini back” before the situation escalated and the police were involved.

He turned to X to ask for help from his followers in funding his legal campaign to regain control of BitBoy Crypto.

In terms of price action, Bitcoin (BTC/USD) was trading at $41,961, down 2.26% in the last 24 hours, according to Benzinga Pro.

The use of artificial intelligence with DALL-E generated the accompanying image.

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