Crypto Influencer Fernando Perez Found Dismembered in Bag After Facing Debt Struggles


Fernando Perez Algaba, a popular cryptocurrency influencer in the United States and Argentina, was found dead on Wednesday.

Police discovered the body of Perez near a stream in Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires. Click here for more information.

The self-made millionaire had been in Argentina for at least a week, having previously spent some time in Miami and Barcelona. With nearly one million followers on Instagram, he often flaunted his luxurious lifestyle. It was reported that he had been missing since July 19th, when he didn’t return his apartment keys.

Body Found next to a play area in Buenos Aires

News of Perez’s death quickly spread across social media due to the nature of how his body was discovered. According to reports, kids playing in a soccer field noticed a red suitcase near a river. Upon further investigation, police found the dismembered body parts, which were later identified as belonging to Perez due to his tattoos. The 41-year-old’s body had been placed in a different bag.

An autopsy revealed that he had died from gunshots before his body was dismembered.

Perez’s recent debt problems

According to his brother, Rodolfo Perez Algaba, he had traveled to Buenos Aires to help locate Fernando. He clarified that his brother was not a fraudster, but had been going through severe economic problems due to the demise of Bitcoin and owed money to Argentina’s tax agency. The La Nacion newspaper later reported this, as a note on his phone revealed that he had lost a lot of money in a crypto investment and had taken a loan from a Barra Brava gang in Argentina, warning that something would happen to him if he didn’t pay it back.

Police have already arrested one person in connection to the murder. The investigation is moving quickly because the crime scene was not professionally done, suggesting that the killers were not professionals.

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