Crypto Market Sees Gains Led by BTC and FTT Prices, Pepe Coin Drops


Crypto prices have been seeing an upward momentum, continuing gains from the previous sessions, indicating an increasing confidence of global investors in the digital assets’ space. Despite Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s hawkish comment, which hinted that the central bank might consider another rate hike in March, the market sentiment has remained bullish.

Bitcoin price was up 0.75% to $37,054.61 during writing, with its trading volume declining 36.04% to $22.35 billion. Over the last seven days, the largest crypto by market cap has seen an increase of 7%. However, some of the other cryptos noted declines, with the Ethereum price down 3.79% to $2,047.55, BNB price slipping 3.37% to $247.80 and XRP price falling 2.45% to $0.6486.

On the other hand, the Solana price rose 15.42% to $54.61 and its trading volume increased 39.66% to $4.07 billion. The performance of popular meme coins, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, also suggested an increased interest from the market participants. The Dogecoin price was up 2.70% to $0.07601, while Shiba Inu added 6.49% to $0.000008962.

The surge in major cryptocurrencies has pushed the global crypto market cap to $1.4 trillion, as the market fear and greed index hit 78. However, the total market volume of the crypto market has seen a decline of 26.96% to $69.62 billion.

The top 4 cryptos for today are: Pepe Coin, which slipped 4%, FTX Token (FTT) with gains of 35%, Celestia (TIA) jumping 35% and Cronos (CRO) soaring 22%. Also, the recent surge in the FTX Token price could be due to news of a possible restart of the exchange.

FTX Token (FTT) added 34.41% to trade at $4.02, with its volume rocketing 100% to $841.06 million. Celestia crypto was up 35.26% to $3.61, while its volume rose 152.87% to $454.57 million. Cronos price increased 22.29% to $0.1031, and its volume jumped 295.43% to $89.46 million.

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