Crypto Millionaire Found Dismembered in Suitcase: Report


Fernando Pérez Algaba, a missing cryptocurrency millionaire and Instagram influencer based in Argentina, was found dead on July 23. Dismembered body parts, including a torso, legs, forearms and a head, were discovered in a suitcase and a backpack in the town of Ingeniero Budge, a province of the Argentinian capital. An autopsy suggested he was shot three times before being dismembered.

Police suspect murder and believe the motive behind Algaba’s death may have been debt-related. One possible suspect has already been arrested in connection to the case. Algaba had a 900,000 Argentine pesos ($3,300) debt in bounced checks, 1.2 million Argentine pesos ($4,400) owed to banks and another debt of $70,000 again related to a bounced check.

Algaba had amassed a sizeable Instagram following of over 917,000 followers, mostly revolving around luxury cars and his beloved dog. He was also a crypto trader in Buenos Aires, operating an office that had 25 other traders.

In late 2022, a spate of mysterious and sudden deaths of crypto billionaires caused wild theories in the community. Between October and December 2022, MakerDAO co-founder Nikolai Mushegian, crypto broker Javier Biosca, Amber Group co-founder Tiantian Kullander Russian crypto billionaire Vyacheslav Taran and major Bithumb shareholder Park Mo all died unexpectedly.

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