Crypto Miner Marathon Donates $500K to Brink for Bitcoin Development


Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) will match donations up to $5000 to the Bitcoin Research and Development firm BrinkTwo for the Bitcoin Conference in 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. After the conference, they will match all additional donations one-for-one until December 31. The donations will be used for funding grant programs and other pay-for-performance programs for Bitcoin Core developers to write and maintain code for the world’s dominant blockchain.

Earlier this year, there was concern about a decline in the Bitcoin funding landscape from the current market downturn – crypto winter, in the industry lingo. Marathon’s pledge, which could raise $1 million when third party donations are included, shows one vested corporate entity’s willingness to financially support the Bitcoin funding ecosystem.

Fred Thiel, Marathon’s CEO, commented on the importance of these developers being paid. “They operate out of their own pockets and the only way they can get funding is through grants like what Brink does.” He further stated that Marathon’s primary priority is making sure that Bitcoin Core development and maintenance is properly funded. They will also be working with industry partners to get them to contribute.

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