Crypto Prices Rally as SEC Files Lawsuit Against Binance, Coinbase Ahead of June 26-30 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and Pepe Week


The crypto market saw a much-needed boost in investor confidence recently, causing the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to surge to a one-year high of $31,000. This 14 percent increase over the past week could continue if BTC remains above the $30,000 mark. As BTC has a significant impact on other coins, these could also benefit from the momentum.

Before proceeding, it is important to note that crypto prices and markets are extremely volatile. There is no guarantee of how prices will behave in the future, so investors should do their own research before taking any action.

Crypto Prices Over The Past Week
On June 19, the overall crypto market cap was at $1.07 trillion, with BTC at $26,000 and ETH at $1,720. Seven days later, the market cap had risen to $1.18 trillion. DeFi’s total volume was at $3.37 billion, 10.54 percent of the total 24-hour market volume. Meanwhile, stablecoin volume was $28.7 billion, 89.81 percent of the total 24-hour market volume. BTC dominance was 49.89 percent.

Crypto Events To Note
The US Securities and Exchange Commission and BlockFi recently agreed to postpone the enforcement of a $30 million fine against the crypto lending platform, contingent upon the reimbursement of investors. This follows BlockFi filing for bankruptcy in November after the collapse of the FTX exchange.

Regulatory approaches to digital assets differ across countries. In Europe, the focus is on establishing frameworks to govern digital assets, while China has opted for a complete crackdown. The International Monetary Fund recently stated that a total ban on crypto assets may not be a sustainable and effective solution, and the root causes of demand should be addressed instead.

Various US presidential candidates are expressing their support for Bitcoin and associated technologies. Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently affirmed his dedication to implementing policies that foster Bitcoin’s growth and enable individuals to have control over their own wallets, nodes, and passwords. has achieved progress in expanding its presence in Europe, obtaining a registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) from the Bank of Spain. CEO Kris Marszalek expressed his excitement about this opportunity to provide users with a secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency experience.

What Crypto Traders Are Saying About Current Market Scenario
Mudrex co-founder and CEO Edul Patel said that Bitcoin is consolidating around the $30,000 mark and if it can maintain this position, it could strive for further breakthroughs. WazirX Vice President Rajagopal Menon commented that, despite Binance’s regulatory issues, the BNB token has only dropped 2.38 percent in the past week.

Crypto products and NFTs can be highly risky and there may be no regulatory recourse for losses. Investors should seek expert advice and read offer documents carefully before making any investment.

These are the latest market scenarios and events that investors should be aware of.

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