Crypto Soars Past Dogecoin & Solana In Market Performance


Decentralized technology is gaining traction due to digital networks such as Solana and Dogecoin. These platforms have been instrumental in bringing venture capital firms and retail investors into the cryptocurrency sphere. As a meme coin, Dogecoin had a major impact, encouraging social media users to invest in the distributed ledger network.

A new crypto startup, Bitcoin Spark, is set to revolutionize the digital currency industry. Its mechanism will provide innovative mining solutions, allowing for equal distribution of rewards and promoting decentralization.

Will Dogecoin Recover?
Dogecoin is a meme currency that stirred up the crypto market in 2021. Digital investors earned massive profits as the coin surged. Nevertheless, the digital network is anticipated to make a comeback with the upcoming bull run. Crypto experts consider Solana a good investment, as it is among the top cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Spark Takes Over the Digital Ecosystem
The distributed ledger is being utilized to improve scalability, interoperability, transparency, and decentralization. The network uses a new consensus mechanism, referred to as proof-of-process, which combines PoW (proof-of-work) and PoS (proof-of-stake). These are critical processes that validate new blocks in projects like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Validators and miners who confirm new blocks on the Bitcoin Spark network will be rewarded with the platform’s native token, BTCS.

The maximum supply of the token is 21 million, similar to the supply of the parent network, Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin Spark is a Bitcoin hard fork. The 21 million tokens have been split into mining rewards (16.45 million) and launch supplies (4.55 million). It will take 120 years for validators/ miners to reach the maximum token supply through the mining process. The launch supply has been distributed to initial coin offerings (4 million BTCS), pre-network liquidity pools and exchanges (500,000 BTCS), and team tokens (50,000 BTCS).

In the ongoing initial coin offering, the BTCS price peg is $2, with a 12% bonus for participants. During the launch period on 30th November, when the BTCS price will be $10, investors will get a 560% capital gain for their investment in phase 3. Furthermore, Bitcoin Spark has been audited by Contract Wolf, Vital Block, and Cognitos to ensure security and transparency.

The platform has a smart contract layer system that is compatible with both low-level and high-level languages. Unlike Ethereum, which heavily depends on Solidity as the main programming language, Bitcoin Spark enables smart contract deployment of compatible Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) programming languages, such as Vyper and Solidity. It can also be done with any other high-level language compatible with the EVM bytecode.

Smart contracts are essential for blockchain networks, as we are heading towards future-generation digital currency platforms. Bitcoin Spark has a unique mechanism that supports the integration of smart contracting layers. The smart contract layer enables blockchain developers to create decentralized applications with any programming language. The project’s roadmap is easy to understand, so even crypto newbies can comprehend the different development stages.

Bitcoin Spark is set to revolutionize the decentralized ecosystem with its innovative mechanisms and smart contracting layers. For more information, you can visit the website and buy BTCS at

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