Crypto Trader Predicts 1200% Growth for DigiToads by 2023 Following Bitcoin Surge


The popular idiom “Old is Gold” epitomizes Bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency in the world and still the most traded token. Bitcoin recently experienced a remarkable 20% price rally, and the crypto trader who predicted this surge recently released another forecast — a 1200% growth in the DigiToads (TOADS) token. This Ethereum-based meme coin is gaining traction due to its innovative model and advanced features, plus its dynamic economic designs that provide users with multiple options to gain passive income.

DigiToads: The All-in-One Solution for Beginner Crypto Traders

The DigiToads model combines the features of three cryptocurrencies: a stake-to-earn platform, a play-to-earn game, and a meme coin. This enables its users to access multiple opportunities to make residual income. Its native token is TOADS, which is the main cryptocurrency of the network.

Rated as one of the best new icos of 2023, the TOADS token’s presale growth is quite impressive. Presently priced at 0.047 USD per unit, the presale process is in its ninth stage and has one more stage left.

The DigiToads team is holding a trading competition each month, giving community members the chance to show off their skills. Winners of the competition receive a portion of the profits as an incentive to expand the treasury size, as well as gaining trading knowledge from the DigiToads team. If successful, they subsequently assist the team with this task. Winners are also awarded a Platinum Toad, which grants them remote access to a part of the treasury. To join the DigiToads presale and make the most of its unique ecosystem, click here.

DigiToads’ play-to-earn game is the newest Web 3.0 game and already has a large following. Seasons are brief – only one month – which provides plenty of chances to participate. Unlike other games where only one player is declared the winner, the top 25% of scorers here are announced as winners and rewarded with TOADS tokens. In-game assets like digital creatures – DigiToads – add to the excitement, with each having their own special powers. Players can buy or trade DigiToads and use them to outsmart their opponents.

The problem is, every DigiToad has different powers, so players don’t know if their DigiToad is any better than their rivals. To combat this, players can purchase training equipment, food, and potions for their DigiToad using their TOADS tokens.

DigiToads also has an NFT staking pool, where 2% of all TOADS transactions are diverted to. Users can buy these digital assets through the NFT marketplace, then stake them to earn rewards. The longer the stake, the higher the rewards.

HSBC Introduces Bitcoin-based ETF Trading

Bitcoin is a top altcoin with millions of users across the globe. Its blockchain powers numerous decentralized infrastructure and dApps. BTC is the medium of exchange on the network and leverages the proof-of-work consensus algorithm. Recently, Hong Kong’s leading bank HSBC announced that it would allow its customers to explore new age options such as Bitcoin-based Exchange Traded Funds. HSBC clients can invest in Bitcoin-based ETFs listed on the Hong Kong exchange.


If you are undecided on which crypto to buy, DigiToads and Bitcoin are great options in today’s market. Their utility-dense models and modern features make them hard to ignore. If you’re looking for long-term gains, analysts recommend DigiToads because of its potential for growth. This meme coin has a multi-faceted approach to earning passive income, with users having multiple opportunities to choose from. Analysts are predicting a good run for the TOADS token, which they think could surge by 30% over the next few months.

To join the DigiToads presale, mint DigiToads NFTs, buy DigiToads NFTs on OpenSea, and join the community, click the respective links.

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