Crypto Wallet Market Set to Soar During 2023-2030 Forecast Period



Published August 3, 2023

The crypto wallet market has seen a surge in popularity in recent years due to its numerous functional advantages. Affordability and swiftness of digital currency transactions make them a preferred choice, particularly in the retail sector. The growth of e-commerce retail, increasing international remittances, and rising monetary transactions have all contributed to the growing reliance on digital currency, creating new opportunities for the crypto wallet market. Additionally, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is expected to further fuel the growth.

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Rising Availability Remains the Strongest Booster to Crypto Wallet Market

Companies are introducing new and innovative crypto wallets for users, thanks to the proliferation of digital currencies. This increased availability has been instrumental in driving revenue growth in the crypto wallet market. Examples include the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet, MetaMask Wallet, and Exodus Wallet, all of which offer secure transactions. The rising popularity of blockchain technology and the increasing acceptance of digital currencies have also been beneficial for the crypto wallet market.

Hot Wallets to Significantly Contribute Toward Value Share of Crypto Wallet Market

Hot crypto wallets have experienced a surge in demand and are expected to remain popular in the years to come. They are user-friendly as they are connected to the internet and can be easily downloaded on various devices, including cell phones and desktop workstations. Their convenience and ease of use make them a preferred choice for receiving and sending cryptocurrency. Moreover, with the growing smartphone industry and internet penetration, the demand for hot crypto wallets has further escalated. Hot wallets are often preferred for trading due to their accessibility and free recovery backup options, in contrast to cold wallets, which are more suited for long-term storage. This has had a significant impact on the growth of the crypto wallet market’s value.

North America Reigns Supreme in Global Crypto Wallet Market

North America’s developed economies are expected to hold a prominent revenue share in the crypto wallet market. Various factors contribute to the widespread adoption of crypto wallets in the region, including the region’s robust growth in cryptocurrency usage and the population’s inclination toward digital currency. Additionally, the rise in hacking incidents involving cryptocurrencies has further fueled the demand for secure crypto wallets. The region’s active involvement in Bitcoin mining has also contributed to the demand for crypto wallets. The presence of key players such as BitGo, BitPay, and Coinbase Global Inc., along with companies like PayPal facilitating cryptocurrency transactions, further propels the growth of the crypto wallet market in North America.

Crypto Wallet Market: Competitive Scenario

Key players in the crypto wallet market are striving to enhance their position in the global market through new product launches, collaborations, and partnerships. For instance, Oobit and Coinbase partnered in April 2020 to offer crypto wallet, escrow, and custodial services to Oobit’s users. In May of the same year, Gemini Trust Company LLC and Samsung Electronics collaborated to power the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, providing crypto services to users in Canada and the United States. Ledger SAS raised an impressive $380 million for its crypto wallet in June 2021. In May 2022, financial services company Robin Hood introduced a new and independent Web 3.0 crypto wallet, which allows users to hold keys and explore new opportunities in the open financial system. Such initiatives are driving innovation and creating competitive advantages in the crypto wallet market.


The growing inclination toward digital currency and the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies have created substantial growth in the crypto wallet market. As digital currencies continue to shape the financial landscape, the demand for secure and user-friendly crypto wallets is expected to rise. North America, with its embrace of cryptocurrency and technological advancements, will continue to play a significant role in the market’s expansion. Key players in the market are actively engaging in partnerships and product innovations to maintain a competitive edge. As the crypto wallet market evolves, it is essential for consumers and businesses to stay informed about the latest developments and offerings in the space.

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