Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Needs More Than Legal Wins to Keep Market Momentum


Following the recent Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit ruling in favor of Grayscale Investments LLC regarding the application to convert its Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a spot Bitcoin ETF, the price of Bitcoin (BTC-USD) quickly moved towards the previous $28,000 trading range. However, the bullishness faded quickly as BTC retraced the surge in just 2 days. Similarly, Ripple (XRP-USD) gained 74% to trade at $0.82 following a ruling in its favor, yet it has since retraced the gains and is back at the $0.5 price range.

To better understand the new wave of value appreciation that could propel Bitcoin and the broader crypto market, it’s essential to identify the true catalysts that can sustain such growth. Recent events, such as Grayscale’s legal victory and XRP’s courtroom triumph, may have caused temporary price surges, yet they are not the drivers needed for long-term and sustainable price gains.

Potential Catalysts for Bitcoin Moving Forward

Spot ETF Approval: We already witnessed some bullishness from the news of the favorable Grayscale ETF ruling, yet this is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the market reaction when a BTC spot ETF gets approved by the SEC. If the SEC greenlights an ETF, it will open the doors for institutional investors to flow substantial capital into Bitcoin, offering stability and driving long-term growth.

Liquid Staking on the Lightning Network: The Bitcoin network is undergoing transformative changes, such as the addition of layer-2 solutions like the Lightning Network. This has allowed for upgrades, such as the Taproot upgrade, which gave the network the capability to host NFTs and Bitcoin tokens (BRC-20) through the Ordinal Protocol. Additionally, liquid staking capabilities are being developed on Bitcoin, with a crypto liquid project raising $3.5 million in a seed funding round.

The Halving Event: Historically, Bitcoin’s scheduled halving events have led to a crypto bull market. Though predicting the future direction of the crypto market based on historical outcomes is not advised, the upcoming halving event in Q2 2024 is notable and cannot be overlooked. A search of hashtags related to Bitcoin halving on the X (Twitter) app confirms this, and halving is a natural, built-in mechanism that can sustainably drive Bitcoin’s price upward.


As a crypto investor who has witnessed two market cycles, my outlook on Bitcoin is bullish. The SEC has delayed its decision on all Bitcoin ETF applications till October, making the mid-October deadline for spot ETF applications a crucial date to watch. A successful spot ETF approval would be a significant catalyst for Bitcoin, aligning with the broader trend of institutional adoption. Other potential factors that could propel Bitcoin’s value to new all-time highs include liquid staking, other DeFi and NFT capabilities on the Bitcoin network, and the upcoming halving event in Q2 2024. Though financial markets are complex and influenced by a broad range of factors, investors should monitor these potential catalysts and unfolding macroeconomic events that could influence investor sentiment and the crypto market.

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