Cryptocurrency Rival Emerges, Attracting Investor Attention from The Sandbox


The Sandbox (SAND) has recently upgraded its NFT Royalty Program. This development has sparked debate among experts about the effect on SAND’s price movement. Meanwhile, NuggetRush (NUGX) is gearing up for a 58.3% increase as it moves closer to its fourth presale round.

The Sandbox aims to boost NFT activity with its new royalty program. The upgrades are timely, as the crypto market has seen a decline in NFT activity. The news of the new royalties has seen an increase in bullishness for SAND, with its value rising from $0.359 on October 30 to $0.531 on December 1. Analysts now predict that the new upgrades will cause the value of SAND to continue rising, potentially to $0.631.

At the same time, NuggetRush (NUGX) is becoming a popular choice for investors. It has already raised 30% interest in its presale, with 86 million tokens sold and $950,000 in revenue generated. NUGX is currently trading at $0.013 in the third round of its presale, with its value having grown by 30%.

NuggetRush is an innovative play-to-earn experience which offers vast rewards and exciting gameplay. Players can create custom avatars, as well as collect NFT characters which come with different mining and business skills. As they mine mineral resources, players can sell them off on the NuggetRush marketplace and use the profits to upgrade their equipment. They can also stake their NFT holdings for higher profits.

Both The Sandbox and NuggetRush offer a unique way to earn money from gaming. While The Sandbox is making waves with its new royalty program, NuggetRush is showing its potential with its presale success. It remains to be seen which project will come out on top.

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