Cryptocurrency Warning: Potential Fraud Alerted to Investors


Bad Idea crypto has gone from being an unknown token to one that is worth over $78 million. The token saw a high of $0.00000042 during the weekend before pulling back to its current value of $0.00000015.

The crypto industry has seen its fair share of scams, enabled by crypto tokens that are easy to create. Most of these tokens are built using Ethereum and BNB smart contracts.

Bad Idea is one of the many projects I believe is nothing more than a scam. According to its white paper, it is supposed to be a combination of AI, blockchain, and DAO that will create a decentralized economy. However, it does not have a roadmap and instead hopes to use AI to produce blog posts on AI topics.

The tokenomics of Bad Idea are also questionable, with a supply limit of over 831 trillion tokens, and 58% going to the public. The rest will go to the team, marketing, AI development, DAO development, and the Humanity Last Hope Fund. It seems likely that the insiders of the project will be cashing in soon.

The white paper states that Bad Idea is intended for educational and experimental purposes only. Therefore, in the short term, there is a likelihood that the price will rise as insiders pump it. Unfortunately, it is likely to crash soon, leaving most buyers holding the bag.

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