Ethereum Community’s Voice in Soft Fork Debate


The Last week was a rollercoaster ride for the Ethereum Ecosystem. The DAO has exposed the need for much deeper consideration of the complexities of smart contracts. It has also highlighted the importance of open discussions in reaching consensus on large-scale issues.

Our community made their opinions heard loud and clear. While some suggested an immediate hard fork, it was unclear what the consequences would be. An alternative option was creating a soft fork, which would enable miners to temporarily suspend certain transactions in order to try and recover funds, without involving any external authorities. Ethereum Protocol itself.

Since it is impossible to please everyone, we decided to give the power to those who run it. Ethereum community will decide if they want to support this decision or not.

To this end, we have now released Geth Version 1.4.8 (codename “DAO Wars”As a small patch release, the community can vote on whether or not to temporarily freeze the funds. TheDAOs v1.0 are available for releasing funds or not. If the community decides to lock the funds, only a few whitelisted accounts can access the locked funds and return them back to their owners. The following mechanism works in a similar way: Parity Version 1.2.0 also.

Note: The funds from any DAOs will not be released unless it is done through whitelisting. This method is not desirable for any legitimately split DAOs. We propose a follow up patch to the softfork to whitelist all DAOs that have been divided in accordance to the intent of the softfork.

How to get involved

Miners Start supporting the DAO Soft Fork by becoming a member Get 1.4.8 With –dao-soft-fork. This The block’s gas limit will be reduced in order to accommodate this. Pi Millions of dollars until the decisive block. 1800000 (approx. This is approximately. If This block’s gas limit for this block is less than 4M. The soft fork takes place and (all updates). Miners will begin blocking DAO transactions that release funds.

Miners Those who don’t support DAO soft fork may run Geth You don’t need any extra arguments. They We will do our best to maintain the gas limit for the block at the current 4.7million If The gas cap for the decisive block will be greater than 4M.

Note: All Upgrade customers will accept the results of the vote, and they will follow that decision. If If the softfork vote is approved miners who voted against it will start blocking transactions. However, if it is denied miners who voted for it will accept all transactions.

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

Miners Those who don’t upgrade are voting against the softfork. They will continue to follow the current logic of keeping gas cap at the voting threshold. If Most accept the softfork. Miners who don’t upgrade will accept blocked transactions. In In this case, miners who do not upgrade will be removed from their own mines. Ethereum They must separate themselves from the majority of the network or lose the blocks that they mined. This is because it is not accepted and ruled by the majority.

Should non-

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