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The EF is delighted to present the outcomes of the Ethereum Foundation Data ChallengešŸ¤©A data hackathon that focuses on the Medalla Testnet.

We We requested data tools, visualizations, and analysis of testnet datasets; anything that would make the data more comprehensible for the community.

We We received a total of 23 submissions in six weeks from numerous teams. Each submission was of high quality.

The The tiers were based on extensibility, utility to the community, and other factors.

šŸ„‡ Gold ($15k prize)

  • Jim McDonald. ChainedA program that extracts data from running eth2 clients and stores it in PostgreSQL databases. This tool was used by many teams that participated in the data-challenge.
  • Pintail: A sequence of blog posts (1, Two, 3, 4, 5) comparing client performance, studying network behavior, And discussing the effectiveness of the validator.

šŸ„ˆ Silver ($5k prize)

  • Sid Shekhar and Elias Simos, Study of large scale Data from eth2
  • Evgeny Medvedev Of Nansen — Extension From the ethereum -etl tool, to eth2, and a data dump of eth2 from the BigQuery database.
  • Splunk’s Nate McKervey. blog post and board The health of the Ethereum network.

šŸ„‰ Bronze ($1k prize)

Looking Ahead

The This competition had two goals: to welcome new people into the competition. Ethereum Encourage the community to examine the eth2 information. This will make it easier to analyze and give valuable insight to both developers, as well the community. In the end, the challenge was a huge success and we expect that many of these tools and analytics will be useful as the mainnet goes online.

If If you’re interested in picking up grants that were lost, please request a Community grants!

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