Deepcoin Launches Revolutionary “Drawing Order” Feature, Transforming Crypto Trading


On 15 August 2023, Deepcoin, the pioneering derivative cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its focus on innovation and user-centric solutions, proudly unveiled its revolutionary feature, “Drawing Order”. This groundbreaking feature strengthens Deepcoin’s position in the digital asset market, offering traders an unparalleled advantage in crafting and executing their trading strategies.

The “Drawing Order” feature brings in a new dimension to trading, allowing users to draw elements for precise market order execution. Through the user-friendly interface, traders can now map out segments, trend lines, or rays that act as triggering conditions for market orders when the latest price intersects with these drawn elements. This innovative tool introduces a new aspect to crypto trading, providing users with a tactical advantage in capitalizing on price trends and fluctuations while enabling them to visualize and execute their strategies with unparalleled accuracy.

“We are delighted to have launched the ‘Drawing Order’ feature, a milestone in our relentless pursuit of innovation,” said Ego Huang, CEO of Deepcoin. “Deepcoin has always been devoted to equipping our users with advanced tools that improve their trading experience. The ‘Drawing Order’ feature empowers traders to seize opportunities with more precision and confidence.”

Key Highlights of the “Drawing Order” Feature:

1. Strategic Visualization: Traders can customize their drawn elements, allowing them to precisely outline triggering conditions for market orders based on trendlines and price movement patterns.

2. Enhanced Trading Strategy: By connecting high and low points on candlestick charts, traders can identify potential reversals or significant price movements, enabling more informed buying and selling decisions.

3. Unmatched Competitive Edge: Deepcoin stands out as the industry leader in offering drawing elements as triggering conditions for market orders, setting a new benchmark for innovative trading tools.

4. Streamlined Usage: Deepcoin provides comprehensive operating instructions for drawing elements and creating line drawing commissions/alerts, making the feature accessible to traders of all skill levels.

Deepcoin continues to set new standards for excellence by providing users with next-generation trading features. Committed to shaping the future of digital asset trading with cutting-edge features like “Drawing Order” and a steadfast dedication to user success, Deepcoin remains a trailblazer in the digital asset market.

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