“DeSo SocialFi App Focus Secures $75 Million in Just One Week with Support from Coinbase”


Introducing Focus, the revolutionary new decentralized SocialFi app built on the DeSo blockchain, which has raised a staggering $75 million in token reservations within just one week of its launch. This impressive feat not only showcases the platform’s potential, but also reflects the increasing interest in decentralized social media.

Created by the DeSo team, which has raised $200 million from top funds like Coinbase, Sequoia, and a16z, Focus aims to disrupt the trillion-dollar social media market and creator economy by offering groundbreaking features that rival popular subscription platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon.

The total addressable market for this sector is significant, with OnlyFans projected to process approximately $8 billion in 2023 while charging a hefty 20% transaction fee. Focus addresses this issue by providing a fairer solution for creators through its permissionless and anonymous crypto-native monetization features.

Built on the DeSo blockchain, Focus stands out with its unique approach to content ownership, creator monetization, and user engagement. Its mission goes beyond conventional social media, as it also aims to tackle issues like censorship and content authenticity.

Thanks to the DeSo blockchain and its revolutionary Proof of Stake system, Focus can support the storage of content directly on-chain for a fraction of the cost compared to other popular blockchains like Solana and Ethereum.

One of the key features that has attracted users to Focus is the opportunity to reserve $FOCUS tokens. Similar to staking, users can reserve tokens using various supported currencies like BTC, ETH, SOL, USDC, and DESO. This allows anyone in the world to become an owner of Focus, even before the app launch. Plus, early supporters and adopters of the platform are rewarded with a 90% bonus in $FOCUS tokens, which decreases by 5% each week leading up to the app launch.

The reservation process is user-friendly and fully refundable, giving participants the flexibility to support the platform with confidence. As Focus gears up for its app launch, excitement within the community is palpable. With its innovative tokenomics, Focus has the potential to redefine the landscape of social media and cryptocurrency.

To reserve tokens and earn a 90% bonus in $FOCUS, visit Focus.xyz and reserve your funds before 11:11 am EST on February 8th. The bonus will decrease every week until the app goes live.

In addition to its impressive token reservations, the DeSo blockchain has already gained significant adoption with 2.6 million users and 93 million transactions. With Focus, the team aims to usher in a new era in crypto, led by cutting-edge consumer apps that can scale to billions of users.

For more information, please contact Ed Moss, Head of Growth at DeSo Foundation, at [email protected]. Share this article and explore other categories on our website.

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