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What Are you most looking forward to at Devcon4? The majority of respondents answered: People! The This is the only time in the year when we can all come together at one place. There is no need to be anywhere else. In a dark room, we stare in silence at one person on a stage: We want to see each other, get to know each other, and speak to each other.

We Are inspired by this spirit and are creating a Devcon4 programme and atmosphere that will facilitate new connections between people, ideas and each other. It It is an opportunity to ask big questions and explore the most difficult (but also the most exciting) challenges facing Ethereum today.

Therefore We are going for more interactive programming. Devcon4 this year

You Have three options to submit your application to Devcon4:

  • Deliver a presentation: This This is pretty self-explanatory. 😉 Give A 5-minute lightning talk or a 20-minute presentation on any topic you choose.
  • Organise a workshop: Educate People want to do something. Over The course of two hours, participants must “get their hands dirty”Write code or learn how to tell stories.
  • Host A meeting room: Be Creative and create your own Devcon4 schedule! Host Dapp design reviews, Facilitate a Discussion, Do Live Security Audits [insert your awesome idea here]

When If accepted, we will ask you to connect your session to one of six main themes.

  • Scalability: How Can we scale? Ethereum In a secure, trustless and decentralized way to achieve mass adoption
  • Safety: How How can we protect user funds and data?
  • Privacy: How Can we empower users to take control of their information?
  • Developer Experience: How What can we do to make development more enjoyable? Ethereum Simple, flexible and fun?
  • User Design and experience: How How can we make it more user-friendly, useful and fun?
  • Society And Systems: Why Should we BUILD? How How will this technology affect our social systems and those who live in them? (To Let’s be clear, this topic is not just about governance. It also covers cryptoeconomics, social effects, memes, and other topics.

You Can discuss any protocol or dapp you use in the context of this shared topic. How Are you able to identify and solve a common problem? How Your work can benefit others in our community.

We Expect that applications will be highly competitive due to the limited number of applicants and the entry deadline of 3000. Buy Make sure you secure your tickets in advance to avoid missing out on tickets. Devcon4 ticket! We In the event you buy a ticket, we will issue a refund or grant you a free pass.

Help Let’s create a Devcon4 years of experience in the spirit and pursuit of these values

  • participatory: We Are all of the building the

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