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Today We’re pleased to announce details of the Devcon4 ticketing process, discounts and scholarships.

Applications For students and developers are now open!

We hope that accelerating this process for developers and students ahead of the launch of general tickets will speed up approvals and ensure faster delivery. Devcon Increased demand makes it more accessible, diverse, and equitable.

The The first wave of general tickets will go on sale on July 9, 2018.

To To ensure tickets are not purchased in bulk, or picked up by the fastest hands, we ask that you support our policy of one ticket per person and 20 per organization.

To Keep up to date with Devcon4 updates: Sign up for our updated mailing list by following our Twitter account @EFDevcon!

We Hope to make this year’s Devcon the best yet!

–dc⟠ıv team

*What is a *wave*? To We will guarantee that developers receive the maximum number of tickets. Devcon We distribute small amounts of general admission tickets at different intervals. These we call waves. The The first wave will begin at 8am PDT on July 9, 2018. HoweverApplications for scholarships, developers, and student discounts are always open, regardless if waves occur.

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