Developers Now Have Access to TON Space Self-Custody Wallet on Telegram


Wallet, the TON-based application within Telegram Messenger, is proud to announce the launch of TON Space, a new self-custody wallet that gives users full control of their digital assets. In anticipation of the upcoming product, the team is opening a waitlist for developers to beta integrate with TON Space.

By joining the waitlist, developers will be the first to access TON Space and to build apps with the user interface in Telegram and its seamless blockchain integration with the TON Space wallet. This provides a comprehensive solution to Web3 builders around the world, as well as addressing the main obstacles of crypto adoption: access to audience and frictionless onboarding. Developers should have their apps ready for the TON Space consumer launch at the end of Q3 2023.

Jordan Dunne, Head of DeFi at Wallet, states: “The developers’ beta is a critical moment in launching the first self-custodial wallet built into a thriving Web2 platform. The introduction of TON Space will allow blockchain developers to build Web3 services that feel like the intuitive mobile app experiences users have every day, all within Telegram and without ever leaving the app. This opens up a massive growth opportunity for builders.”

Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at TON Foundation, adds: “The launch of TON Space is a substantial milestone that establishes a new infrastructure layer for the TON ecosystem. It will now enable users to store, manage, and trade assets within Telegram, harnessing the infinite possibilities of decentralized applications and bots.”

TON Space’s self-custodial wallet is the most sought-after feature by users who want the full capability of the TON blockchain right within Telegram. One of the unique benefits of TON Space is that users will be able to connect their self-custodial wallet to apps built on Telegram, all within one ecosystem.

Developers and enthusiasts who want to integrate Wallet features into their apps are invited to apply for the beta today:

Wallet is the user-friendly platform for managing digital finances efficiently. An independent team of Web3 developers has utilized the power of The Open Network (TON) Blockchain’s technology to create Wallet, delivering a hassle-free onboarding experience and gateway to Telegram Messenger app – used by 800 million people monthly. With Wallet, users can effortlessly store, send, and receive digital currencies, all within the familiar interface of Telegram Messenger.

The Open Network (TON) is the blockchain system designed for opportunity; created by Telegram Messenger. It is built enterprise-ready for the onboarding of billions of users with low fees and easy-to-use apps natively built in Telegram. The TON Foundation supports the blockchain’s architecture, operating various programs including peer-to-peer, distributed storage, and service hosting technologies.

For more information, contact Ryan Dennis, TON Foundation, [email protected], +1 (914) 309-5774.

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