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Greetings Ethereum Community! Here’s the latest news from the Ethereum.org team:

Help Reach 30 Languages!

For The past six months, the Ethereum Global Community has been translating Ethereum.org into 23 languages. Currently, more than 20% of all traffic to the site is from non-English-speaking visitors..

In The next two months, the team is aiming to increase the number of supported languages ​​to more than 30. If you speak a language that is not yet supported on Ethereum.org, please let us know!

In We are particularly looking for native speakers of Vietnamese, Thai, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish or Ukrainian.

Even if you know one of the languages that are already supported, any help with updating the site’s localizations would be greatly appreciated! Learn more about the Ethereum.org translator program here.

Ethereum.org on ENS & IPFS

The Ethereum.org website is now available on IPFS. You can access it via ENS at www.ethereum.eth. Here’s more information from the ENS team on how to access.

A special thank you to the IPFS team (especially Chris Waring) for creating a VuePress Plugin IPFS, to make the process as smooth as possible. Many Many thanks also to Brantly Millegan, the ENS team and Alex Van de Sande for supporting this initiative.

Improved Search Tool

We received feedback from many users about the difficulty of finding resources on certain topics when searching ethereum.org, even if we had content covering it. It is there.

We’ve launched a new search feature using Algolia to index all of our HTML pages, which provides both fuzzy and exact matches. This should make it easier to locate all guides, tools, or resources on our website.

Celebrate the First Anniversary🙂

One year ago, we launched the new Ethereum.org.

The support we have received over the last 12 months has been amazing. More than 170 people contributed to the website. Over 350 volunteers helped translate it into their native languages.

Thank you for your support and feedback. And most importantly, thank you for being part

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