Update #4 on ethereum.org – What’s New


Hey Ethereum community! We’re back with an update on the progress of ethereum.org!

Gatsby on board

We’ve replaced Vuepress with Gatsby to power our website. This may not be apparent to you, but it will allow us to scale better. Our team has lots of experience with MDX so that we can deliver content faster.

Gatsby is the first step in our Eth2 timeline. We’re setting ourselves up for success in the near future. If you prefer React or Vuepress, we want to hear your thoughts – just go to the Contribute page and let us know.

Cool visuals

We’ve partnered with independent artists to bring some of our own art to life. With nods to Doge, we hope you’ll appreciate the open-source bazaar and lego money memes.

Feel free to use any of these illustrations for your own community.

New page formats

We’re also in the process of updating our onboarding content. These pages are designed to introduce you to Ethereum, Ether (ETH), wallets, and dapps. We plan to make ethereum.org much more user-friendly in the upcoming months. Our latest release is the Get ETH page which helps you find places to buy ETH.

This page also includes helpful features to reduce barriers for new users.

We welcome your feedback on ethereum.org!

30 Languages Now Available

You may have heard this information before, but our content is now available in 30 languages! 467 volunteers from 52 languages helped us reach this milestone. It was an incredible community effort and we look forward to adding even more languages.

You can find out more about this achievement and the Translation Program at Publication of the celebration.

What’s Next?

As many of you are already experiencing the rewards, we are busy planting the seeds of new content. In the upcoming months, you can expect to see pages on portfolios, dapps, Eth2, Ethereum development documentation, and much more!

Get Involved

Ethereum.org is a community effort. You can help by visiting the Contributing page or the Road map on our website.

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