Discover the Top Crypto Screener: Which is the Best?


TipRanks’ Crypto Screener is a great tool for crypto investors who want to sort through the thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market and find the one that best suits their investment goals. Cryptocurrencies are digital forms of currency created to be used as an alternative payment method, and are traded on exchanges whose prices are determined by demand and supply.

The first cryptocurrency was launched in 1983, and Bitcoin (BTC-USD) in 2009, since which thousands of new cryptocurrencies have been launched daily. Cryptography is a complex subject to understand, so a cryptocurrency screener can help quickly scan these assets to find the ones that best fit the investment objectives.

The advantages of using a crypto screener include the ability to sort by volume, price, market capitalization, compare prices and performance over time, scan with several filters, add to a watchlist for daily tracking, access advanced charting options, and research the cryptocurrency in depth.

TipRanks’ Cryptocurrency Screener can be found on any cryptocurrency page by toggling to TipRanks > Cryptocurrency. On the page, the default list of all cryptocurrencies tracked by TipRanks is given, as well as tabs to navigate through different features. The Price Change tab allows studying price changes for different periods and using these to determine the future potential of each cryptocurrency. The Supply tab includes real-time trading prices, volumes, circulation supply, total supply, max supply, and price change percentage. The Charts tab allows viewing price-performance charts over different periods. Finally, the Others tab includes a Dominance %.

By clicking on any cryptocurrency, users are directed to the Overview page which includes a basic chart and all the information, and an Advanced Chart option at the top where different cryptocurrencies can be compared. It also offers the possibility of tracing different technical indicators, such as Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages (MACD), Open Interest, Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Stochastic Oscillators.

By combining both fundamental and technical analysis through TipRanks’ various tools, investors can make an informed decision on their crypto investments. TipRanks offers the latest information on the crypto-world to make the best decisions for investments.

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