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According to an analyst, on December 29, 2022, Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder of the disgraced FTX, may have been able to move $684,000 in crypto assets while under house arrest. This would be against court conditions of release that the former FTX executive cannot spend more than $1,000 without permission from the court.

Analyst Discovers SBF-Linked Funds while FTX Founder is under House Arrest, Wallets Moved

On Thursday, an analyst known as “Bowtiediguana” published a Twitter Thread showing that Sam Bankman-Fried may have spent $684K while under house arrest. According to Bowtiediguana, in August 2020, SBF temporarily took over the decentralized exchange (dex) Sushiswap after an anonymous founder, Chef Nomi, decided to leave. When SBF and SBF made the deal public, an email was sent to Chef Nomi transferring ownership of Sushiswap to the SBF address.

“After SBF launched, your wallet sent all your remaining crypto tokens to a new Ethereum address created an hour before,” Bowtiediguana tweeted. “Within 3 hours, over 100 new deposits were made to this wallet from various addresses, most with links to SBF’s defunct hedge fund, Alameda Research.” The Analyst continued:

In less than four hours, approximately 570 Ethereum from this new wallet, worth $684,000, was transferred to different destinations. The funds were sent by a Seychelles-based KYC-free exchange for the purpose of using the Ren Protocol, a bridge that was financed by Alameda. The SEC lawyers would love to be notified.

The address in question is the Ethereum address “that received an additional $1 million from 11 wallets labeled Alameda Research,” Bowtiediguana said. “Five separate transactions of 51 ETH were used to move funds to newly created wallets, and then onwards to an exchange based in Seychelles. Three tranches of 200K USDT were also sent from the SBF linked wallet to the Fixedfloat exchange,” the analyst added.

The Bowtiediguana thread shows that an individual decided to send an email with information about the most recent chain movements to the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Others said: “@secgov you gave me [SBF] 2 long bulls on a leash. Please address this criminal.” Although it is not clear who transferred the funds at this point, many speculate that it was SBF.

Since SBF’s arrest and subsequent release, funds related to FTX and Alameda have been captured by chain detectives. Funds linked to Alameda were transferred on December 29, and reportedly sent to Fixedfloat, Changenow, and then converted to BTC. In an alternative case, after Al

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