Dogecoin Miners Flee as Investors Flock to InQubeta


As the popularity of the leading meme coin Dogecoin took a dip between August and October due to some miners exiting, many Dogecoin patrons now turn to other top altcoins like InQubeta (QUBE). The Ethereum-powered platform helps startups working in the field of artificial intelligence find investors and fast-track their growth.

InQubeta is gaining traction despite being in the presale stage. Some attribute it to its unique model while some to its presale success with funding crossing $3.5 million recently. The platform leverages blockchain technology to enable startups to gain access to funds and investors to explore opportunities before market launch.

The native cryptocurrency of InQubeta is QUBE token, which is available on presale and has been featured among the new altcoins that have the potential to deliver 100x gains. To maintain price stability, QUBE follows deflationary model with extra supply destroyed by sending tokens to a burn wallet. On the governance front, QUBE token holders get voting privileges in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model of the platform.

Startups can offer investors their tokens minted as NFTs on the InQubeta NFT marketplace. Investors can buy the NFTs by paying with their QUBE tokens. These tokens can also be fractionalized, so anyone can be a startup investor regardless of budget.

Dogecoin’s popularity has taken a hit due to miners exiting and its price facing a downturn. But long-term holders are of the opinion that the meme coin could still recover. InQubeta is an attractive alternative for those investors looking to opt out of Dogecoin. Its presale is currently running and interested parties can purchase their QUBE tokens.

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