Dombey Unveils the Advanced Cryptocurrency Mining Machine


HELSINKI, Finland, March 23, 2023 /CNW/ — UK electrical company Dombey Electrics Co. ( has unveiled the Dompre solar-powered cryptocurrency miner, their newest product on the market.


The Dompre cryptocurrency miner is an energy-efficient system that runs for 15 hours on electricity and 18 hours on little sun after the initial full charge. It was designed to run on the lowest amount of power with any version of Windows. Furthermore, the products have been discounted on account of the Anniversary, with the percentage depending on your purchase and payment method. As soon as half of the payment is received, processing and shipping will commence, and the remaining payment will be requested once the item is received by the buyer.

About Dombey Electrics Co

Dombey Electrics Co. was established by a group of electricians and industry experts in 2010, and has since become a major provider of electrical solutions. They take immense pride in their ability to craft unique electrical goods that can be used both inside and outside. Additionally, a number of technological advances have allowed for the use of electrical devices for less hazardous tasks.

In the event of delivery problems, breakage, or damages, or if the machine is treated inappropriately by shipping companies, the item can be returned and replaced promptly and the customer can receive a refund within the specified timeframe. For further details, please review the return policy here

The Dompre (Dombey Previa) was released in October 2022 and is a type of machine that can simultaneously mine both Bitcoin and Ethereum while consuming less energy. They are made out of photovoltaic cells, which are more durable and long-lasting. The warranty period is five years. Shipping anywhere in the world is free. Get your products here.

Although both Bitcoin and Ethereum are cryptocurrencies, their development goals were distinct. Bitcoin was created as a decentralized digital currency to provide a secure and decentralized mechanism for storing and transferring value. On the other hand, Ethereum was developed as a decentralized platform for the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and the execution of smart contracts.

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Dombey Electrics Co. Logo (PRNewsfoto/Dombey Electric Co)

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