Economic Offences Wing Arrest Six Suspects for Cryptocurrency Fraud in Krishnagiri


The Economics Offences Wing has apprehended six people in connection with a crypto currency scam in Krishnagiri.

M. Sudhakar You can also find out more about the following: Angampatty The following are some examples of how to use Pochampalli You have filed a complaint at the EOW.West ZoneAK Police Accuse TradersThe firm was founded by in 2021. Arun Kumar is purported to have stolen money from people to invest in crypto currency and guaranteeing double returns. 

Reportedly The EOW sources Arun Kumar Had proposed a Uni Coin Scheme with the promise of investing depositors’ money in crypto currency. The The accused had guaranteed the investor that he would make a profit on his investment and that he would reimburse the money double every week. The The accused was aided by Nandakumar, Prakash, Seenivasan, Velan You can also find out more about the following: GnansekarThey had been performing as agents in mobilising depositors.

Throughout The first year is the most important. Arun Kumar had paid returns as pledged in the investors’ accounts. This The campaign was a word-of mouth campaign in all districts. States.  A great number of former servicemen and current members of the defence forces are from Krishnagiri Invested in the same way. 

Following one year, Arun Kumar The depositors were not paid. The Agents informed depositors of the fact that Arun Kumar Had absconded with the money. Consequently This is what depositors did: they petitioned. Collector And also lodged an official police complaint.

There were 438 complaints received, and all cases are registered. Tamil Nadu Protection You can also find out more about the following: Interests You can also find out more about the following: Depositors (In Financial Establishments) ActThe 1997 was transferred to the Economic Offences WingThe investigation was taken over by.  While The agents were arrested first. Arun Kumar The missing person had disappeared. Nevertheless, the police got a tip-off that Arun Kumar Was registering a home at Vepanapalli sub-registrar’s office.  But Before the police could arrive, Arun Kumar Escape into Karnataka Through BagalurHe was apprehended in.

The Six of the six were arrested and brought to court. They were later remanded. Salem prison.

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