Ecosystem Assistance Initiative – Allocation Report, Q1 2020


Developer Experience 2 of 2 scorched earth A decentralized system to allow peer-to–peer content suggestion using a “Two Of Two Scorched Earth” reward/punishment scheme Conceived By Vitalik Buterin Encourage sharing quality content The The project’s goal is to implement a proof of concept on the mainnet in order to demonstrate the utility and versatility of this scheme for various applications. Developer Experience EthWorks Maintenance Improvements to WaffleA library for writing and testing smart contract ideas. Grant Among these goals is ENS integration and expanded documentation. Developer Experience POA Network The The arbitrary messaging bridge can transfer tokens from two EVM-based chains but can also transmit any data and call contracts. For instance, it can call a method that is on the Ethereum Mainnet from the POA network, or a chain quorum. The POA Network The grant will be used for expanding AMB’s capabilities, building demos and preparing for 2.0 support. ethereum 1.0 Nether mind Renewed Funding Nethermind Battle testing Nethermind 1.x client, beam synchronc release and performance improvement to increase miner adoption ethereum 1.0 Tasit SDK Tasit SDK is a JavaScript framework that allows you to build native applications. Ethereum mobile dapps using React NativeIt focuses on user experience and simple onboarding. ethereal 2.0 Fast Binary Field FFT Implement This fast binary field FFT can be used to estimate the difficulty in computing the roots of data availability. Further exploration is necessary to determine if it is better to use 16 or 64 bit fields, taking into account special CPU support. ethereal 2.0 Lighthouse Ongoing Finance Sigma Prime On the development of Lighthouse staking client

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