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Since The Transition to Ecosystem Support Program At EF GrantsWe’ve Already discussed the definition of “support” Thinking It is important to think holistically rather than just fund grants. But What What does a more detailed definition of support actually mean?

In It Every project is different. This Practice is the first step to conversation. ESP was developed to make a wide range of EF resources easier to access for the community. It Our process should be accessible to all who need it. We Take Take the time to think about each one QuestionWe This will help you to understand the project. Of We While we may not always be able or able to finance every project completely, we can often help. SomethingEven If the report suggests additional funding sources such as incubators or other sources of financing, it’s still a recommendation.

The This Change in thinking can be used to make you more flexible and to respond to your individual needs. It It is a good thing! At HoweverIt is not as simple to list and quantify this process as traditional grants. We Decided to show, rather than tell. We’ve Here Here are some examples of amazing projects and the people behind them. That Have completed the ESP consultation process, and have received various types of support. They made a difference!

Node Save as

The Ideas For Archive Node was born as a cheep. The For Small projects with limited funding can find it prohibitively expensive to buy hardware or pay monthly fees to have access to file information via an API. Hunter Chase aka DeFi Friend Y MysticRyuujin respectively, are long-term Ethereum The The contributors are able to understand the challenges developers face when trying to get access to the needed resources at an affordable price. They We set out to find a way to make it possible for developers to have access to the file node information.

The The The team required a space to house the first node. We AWS credit was given to the company to enable them to get it up and running. This You DeFi is better, although you will get a good idea. Dude You The author wrote Announcement Blog PostOnce Now We are seeing more momentum in the project and we want to shift to a more sustainable, decentralized way of running nodes on physical hardware instead of cloud services. Since The Project presentation at the end JuneThe The community helped the team to set up additional nodes. dan matthews) from PieDAO and began accepting access requests, creating a community of developers who can access the necessary data without incurring the considerable cost of setting up their own node.

Although While Access is currently free, but the team plans to make it a community-funded option in the future. Developers People who need the service will pay a fraction of the cost of maintaining an archives node. In We They are excited to continue this valuable resource.

Learn Get For more information, please request access at https://archivenode.io/Follow These are the instructions Archive Node On Twitter @archivenode.


SaveDAI was established as an association to help people with financial difficulties. hackathon projectBut The The team had more ambitious plans. They We have continued to work towards the long-term goal that users can create decentralized assets that are self-secured. This They could save their money. SaveDAI DAI is available throughout Compound Automatically Purchase insurance through Opyn Protocol To ERC20 tokens are dollar-pegged with interest and security. They can be used to buy or sell, transfer, or integrate into other protocols. The This SaveDAI’s front-end platform is currently constructing architecture. ButThe contract has now been awarded. Open Source It It is simple to use, adapt, integrate and contribute to the source code.



Joe Wesley It This is a brand new concept Ethereum Technology is a motivational speaker who was a former NFL player. Not You might think of yourself as an ESP researcher. But The The truth is, we love meeting new people. Joe We You want to hear from the right type of builder: Someone who is creative, motivated and a keen learner, and who is inspired by distributed technology’s potential. He We We were approached with a plan to build a platform. Ethereum This He could solve a problem he had as a professional athlete and a low-income college student. College It is not possible for athletes to reap the benefits from others using their brand, image or likeness. Profit. Joe The The goal was to help athletes develop relationships with advertisers in order to have greater control over their brand, their data, as well as their finances. Joe’s words, “to win today and tomorrow with their brand and fame.”

Exploring Ethereum Support Services

Joe’s The Understanding was the biggest hurdle at the beginning. EthereumTechnology, its community, and a feeling of belonging. We He He received initial feedback and sent back two weeks later a draft of his whitepaper. We We We knew his enthusiasm and unique perspective would only enhance the ecosystem’s value. So we sent it to ETHDenver. Ethereum. TheReHe The one who lived it. Eth Living Life is about living life to the fullest. This means being social, engaging in talks, taking in the sights, and meeting new people. BufficornThe The winning of Exploration Track This post was sponsored by CryptoChicks

Since ETHDenver, Joe He ETHDenver contacts kept him in touch and he continues to consult with EF members while he creates a prototype for potential clients. Up Up Now Joe Although He was a sole operator and now wants to expand the business by hiring. Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who can help with scaling. Collegiate BILUS (US BrandImageAnd Likeness) to testnet and beyond. .

Get Get Get in touch to find out more Collegiate BILUS Instagram @collegiatebilus!

Ethereum Push Notification System

EPNS was a concept at the time we met. Harsh Rajat. He Push Notification capabilities were an essential requirement in the organization. EthereumPublic service announcements and for that purpose. Ethereum Users Creators of dapps are looking for new ways to attract customers. We He A driven and innovative builder, he was committed to the success of his community. Ethereum.

Harsh To refine the concept, I only needed encouragement and feedback. He HackMoney was the inspiration. Richa Joshi The The team was created. ToGetherThey The EPNS core concept has been transformed into an evolving multi-layered architecture that permits critical information to be transmitted. Ethereum users; Dapp Creators Target users who might be interested in receiving your messages. Users Participants can choose the level of participation they want and will be rewarded for using their favorite apps.

Since HackMoney, Richa Harsh They They have put a lot of effort into making EPNS what they call “a missing piece of web3”. They do. thrown outOffering Early access and early approval alpha appAccepted Gitcoin’s NUCLEO ScholarshipNow They are building their team, creating a business strategy that will allow them to create a self-sustaining platform and keeping their users’ needs in mind.

Verify https://epns.io/ Keep Keep up to date with developments in EPNS Twitter @epnsproject.

We We Our builders are amazing for their determination to find the best path forward, even though it may not be the easiest or the most obvious. While Although While funding is the most popular thing you can request, it is not always the best. If the grant does not go far enough to understand the true problems, the grant will not help a project get to the right place. faces.

Just The fact that a project isn’t funded through an ESP grant doesn’t mean that we are unable or unwilling to support it. That HoweverWe are unable to support every team that contacts our office. And Like Grants and any other type of support we offer are not worth the effort if recipients don’t want to take responsibility for their success and work hard.

All Although While the teams featured in this post may have different goals and approaches to their work, they do share one thing: They We were able to work with them to find the right balance between their needs and ours.

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