Enjin Coin and Metacade Projected to Make Big Gains in 2023


The worst of the bear market is seemingly behind us and investors are beginning to look forward to what the future of the cryptocurrency space holds. Are you curious about which projects or sectors might lead the industry into the next bull run?

Some are betting on GameFi, and two projects in particular could be pivotal in helping this sector to reach new heights. Enjin Coin and Metacade are leading the charge.

What is ENJ?

ENJ is the native cryptocurrency of the Enjin Network. Developers have the capability to generate and mint digital assets that can be utilized in blockchain-powered games. The way it works is that ENJ tokens are locked into an in-game asset, providing instant liquidity and allowing users to trade assets during gameplay. This can be a huge help to game developers.

Fundamentally, the success of the entire GameFi industry depends on functioning in-game economies. Most blockchain games have a distinct in-game utility for each digital asset. Players can exchange these assets on the NFT market for access to new features and to unlock exclusive items. Blockchain technology enables liquidity to be created, which can then be used to reward players with crypto incentives for the time they spend in-game.

Before it delved into the blockchain space, Enjin was a gaming company established in 2009. The Enjin Network was set up to make it simpler for developers to create assets on the blockchain, specifically for gaming purposes. Blockchain games are highly reliant on secure virtual economies, and this is the type of service provided by Enjin.

ENJ is a digital asset that offers immediate liquidity. This allows for instant NFT trading. ENJ is also used to pay fees on transactions and smart contracts on the Enjin Network.

Leading the Way with GameFi: New Horizons

Since its blockchain introduction in 2018, Enjin has been propelling the GameFi sector into the future. By making blockchain game development more attainable, Enjin has opened up a world of possibilities that reward gamers in unprecedented ways.

At present, some of the most widely used blockchain applications are Axie Infinity and Splinterlands, and these projects keep their core beliefs at the heart of all they do. The total value of all blockchain-based games now exceeds $8 Billion.

As GameFi continues to revolutionize the gaming industry with its unique capabilities, new titles are being created that appear destined to draw a large audience over time. One such project is Metacade, which is slightly different.

What Is Metacade?

A Community-Oriented Platform

GameFi fans will find something completely new on Metacade. Players can come together to share their knowledge of their favorite titles. Users can join up with other people on the same journey and have the capacity to share their interests. In exchange, they will be rewarded with MCADE tokens to help the community. Blockchain gamers will receive bonuses for sharing their expertise and aiding others to find new ways to enjoy it.

Play and Win Chances

Exclusive tournaments will be accessible on Metacade. These tournaments are hosted on the platform to promote a range of GameFi’s most popular projects. Players can join in and start playing and, if they do well, win considerable rewards.

Other highlights include the Metagrants program. Developers can submit their ideas directly to the community. The community will then vote on the best ones and the platform will provide financial assistance. This is the way that members of the GameFi community will continue to progress and be successful thanks to the support of the group.

Progress and Profit

Enjin and Metacade are two separate projects that are helping to fuel the growth of blockchain gaming. GameFi carries on to revolutionize the gaming industry with features that cannot be matched by traditional games, and it looks like ENJ or MCADE could be major players as the sector moves towards global adoption.

At the moment, it looks like both tokens have been undervalued, and the bear market may offer a great chance to buy. But what is certain is that amazing projects are still being constructed for the future no matter the current asset prices.

With ENJ at $0.43 and MCADE starting their journey into the stratosphere with their presale event, these are the kinds of opportunities that some only dream of, and the expected explosion has yet to come.

Players are naturally drawn to the chance to win while gaming, and this is a rare opportunity with the starting token price of $0.008. This will only increase with time, so it is essential that you start early in order to make the most of your investment.

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