EOS Network Achieves Climate Positive Status, Becomes First of Its Kind


The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has achieved a major milestone in the blockchain world by partnering with Upland’s Web3 Platform for the Metaverse. This collaboration pushes the EOS Network from being a carbon-neutral blockchain to one that is now “climate positive.”

EOS is a blockchain that uses the proof-of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Being “climate positive” implies that the network’s activities extend beyond the quest for net-zero carbon emissions. It accomplishes this by removing surplus CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby helping larger efforts to fight climate change. Moreover, EOS offers carbon credits to offset all carbon dioxide emissions on the network.

In addition to focusing on their carbon footprint, ENF and its partners will also offset emissions by implementing sustainable projects. This includes activities such as afforestation and other green practices by companies.

To find out more about this development, you can visit Microsoft or the EOS Network Foundation.

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