ETHWaterloo: Prizes For Eth2 Learning, Applications and Research


For the first time, the Ethereum Foundation sponsored multiple Eth2-related rewards at a major Hackathon.

With Eth2 development quickly advancing, there are plenty of distinct areas of work that can be completed by a motivated team of hackers in a matter of days. The awards listed below include educational tools that help to teach Eth2 development, the tools needed and research.

The EthTwo team will be available online during the hackathon for hacker questions and advice.

EF will award five prizes worth $1,000 each to projects that address any of the topics listed below. These are some of the ideas that have been submitted:



  • Implement the proposed key BLS standards (EIP 2333, 2334, 2335) in a language of your choice (hint: one of the eth2 client languages)
  • Quick to learn more: Given a single BeaconState, display the most recent events and the validator log status (hint: Use polar Star (Code to be used in browser)
  • Double Vote Checker/Attestation Envelope (hint: Look) Issue 63 from eth2.0 -pm repository)
  • Attestation group: Create a basic tool to listen on the attestation network subnets, and display what is there.
  • Beacon Node Load Balancer: Implement a validation API to send traffic to all up-to-date, healthy beacon nodes. (Hint: Use the existing http proxy to focus on the nodes’ health).
  • netstats2: Log/display the health state of a list testnet nodes for eth2 (hint: prism Or both Lighthouse Testnet: Start with the simplest api queries in the last block.
  • Merkle’s Multiple test constructors check Display of trees This You could improve the functionality of each test by adding checkboxes to each node. cayman nava Y prototype Will be available for assistance on the ETHWaterloo disccord
  • Validator Tracking: A service that can point you to a validator and notify you if it is offline.


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Other rewards are currently available:

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