ETH20 Launches Presale with Stake-to-Earn Rewards, Aims to Repeat Ethereum Bull Run


We proudly announce the presale of the ETH20 token, an ERC-20 token that brings back the nostalgia of Ethereum’s initial days when it was being sold for a mere $0.1! Get the chance to be part of the new digital gold rush.

ETH20 offers you the opportunity to put your tokens to work through staking. By investing a minimum of $200 in ETH20 tokens, you can unlock the chance to mint a top-tier PFP NFT or multiple NFTs from the exclusive ETH20 Avatar NFT Collection – absolutely free!

The ETH20 tokenomics have been designed for the long-term potential. A total supply of 120 million tokens is available, with 30 million tokens available for the presale at the rock-bottom price of $0.1 each. 12 million tokens are allocated for liquidity provision with 78 million tokens reserved for staking rewards.

The ETH20 team is working hard towards mass adoption and development of passive income streams for its community members. Seize this chance to be part of crypto history and secure your financial future. Visit our website to buy ETH20 tokens and to find out more about this project.

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