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  • Berlin Is ready to deploy!
  • We Things Things are changing quickly Upgrade The first testnet RopstenThe Upgrade is planned March 10. Mainnet This Event is being planned April 15.
  • If You You are currently running an Ethereum You Should you upgrade to node BerlinFor Testnets and by: Please update to the –compatible version as soon as possible April 7 for mainnets.
  • See For Please see the below for a complete listing of supported client versions Berlin The Update also contains details on EIPs.
  • Besu’s Client It has reported a bug Its Previous launch was in Berlin. Besu Users Upgrade to Version 21.1.2.

Berlin Time

After Months It took months of planning. Berlin Finally! The Update: This The following is the Istanbul Y muir glacier UpdatesThe following will be available: Ethereum mainnet at block 12,244,000. We Expect This will happen sometime around Wednesday, April 15th January 2021. However Due to block-time variability the date may change.

Before Rolling The update will go live on the mainnet Ropsten, Goerli And Rinkeby testnets. The The The complete schedule of releases can be found here

The net Block Number Expected Datum

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