“Ethereum Blockchain’s New Store-of-Value Cryptocurrency Surpasses $700K in Token Presale, Expected to Reach $1M Next Week”


The presale for Ethereum Blockchain’s new store-of-value token, Mollars, has reached a major milestone of $700,000. This achievement was reached on February 15th, before noon (EST). The demand for this alternative to Bitcoin is continuously increasing, and it is expected to surpass $1 million in the coming week.

Ever since its initial coin offering in December 2023, crypto traders have been eagerly participating in the presale. Initially, the only major participant was an Ethereum Whale, but since the start of 2024, more Whales, sharks, and fish have joined in.

The change in the types of daily buyers, from big pockets to small and average pockets, has had a significant impact on the future of Mollars. The regular purchase of 1 to 3 $ETH coins by Ethereum Whales has been the main driving force behind the daily growth of over $40,000 for this new rival of Bitcoin.

With less than $300,000 left before reaching the $1 million milestone, the current daily average increase in presale funds suggests that it could reach $1.1 million by the end of next week. Last week, the presale was in the $500,000 range and was moving towards $600,000, with an average growth of $100,000 per week.

It is worth noting that most of the growth in presale funds is coming from Whales, such as one wallet that is dollar-cost averaging into the ICO event. This particular holder has bought over $15,000 worth of tokens in the last 7 days. However, they are not included in the ‘top 5 single buyers’ list because they are purchasing tokens in smaller amounts every few days.

The reason why these holders are investing in this token presale is likely a combination of profit potential and a solution for global fiat currency inflation. With a finite total supply of 10 million tokens, half that of Bitcoin, Mollars has a high potential for profit. Some reports suggest that an investment of $5,000 could potentially return $1.11 million.

Moreover, Mollars operates on a faster and less costly blockchain than its rival, Bitcoin. As it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is expected to have significantly lower transaction fees compared to Bitcoin’s blockchain. This could potentially save traders up to 80% on trade fees.

Due to its ability to save traders money and its potential for high profits, more and more crypto Whales, sharks, and fish are joining the presale. This is also driving up interest from the industry’s most educated traders.

In conclusion, the Mollars token presale is expected to continue surging, with loyalists from various crypto pools investing in it. Traders are anticipating a high ROI and a strong performance against inflation of fiat currencies. This presale is likely to sell out soon, and it may be considered the best crypto of 2024 by traders. However, readers are advised to conduct their own research before making any investment decisions.

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