Ethereum Community to Gather at Devconnect Istanbul 2023 to Celebrate Progress


Devconnect IST, the annual gathering of the Ethereum Ecosystem and community, concluded its second edition in Istanbul. With over 3500 participants from diverse backgrounds, the week-long event was held from November 13-19 at the Istanbul Congress Center. 70+ deep-dive events were organized by independent teams within the Ethereum community, celebrating the diversity and depth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in Devconnect! We are grateful to everyone who joined us for a week filled with talks, conversations, workshops and real-life contacts. We especially want to commend all the organizers and volunteers who attended, contributed, and participated.

At the heart of Devconnect was its focus on progress within the Ethereum ecosystem. Many teams within the ecosystem have organized their own events centered on their respective topics, demonstrating the versatility of the Ethereum Ecosystem. One noteworthy technology used in Devconnect is Zupass – an open-source tool built by developers from the Devconnect and Zuzalu communities. Zupass create ZK proofs, such as to verify attendance at an event.

Devconnect IST brought all of our global community members together, fostering the real-life relationships that are vital to our decentralized ecosystem. The attendees’ backgrounds varied from developers (33,7%), founders (19,4%), researchers (11,6%), marketers (5,8%), and designers (2,4%). This unique mix of backgrounds and skills fostered an environment for collaboration.

The local community has been remarkably involved in the event. Turkish locals made up 17.5% of the total attendees, making them the largest group. The ‘Global Community Connections’ campaign emphasized the importance of local communities, and created connections between them and other local communities.

As we reflect on the success of Devconnect IST, the event reflects a trend that is evolving within our decentralized system. Devconnect’s unique format, similar to the format of Zuconnect (which took place shortly before Devconnect in Istanbul), represents a new paradigm of our decentralized ecosystem – coming together for a week or longer, working collaboratively on the challenges we face, and making tangible progress.

Next year, we will be back! Our next event is going to be Devcon 7, held in Southeast Asia in November 2024. Stay updated on the latest news from the Road to Devcon by subscribing to our newsletter.

We encourage you to keep connecting with each other:

– Check out more pictures from Devconnect IST: Here is a link to the article
– View Devconnect IST recaps, photo galleries, and more at the websites
– Follow Devconnect on Twitter for updates: @EFDevconnect and @EFDevcon
– Connect with Devconnect Attendees at the Community Hub (you’ll need to ZK proof that you have a ticket to one of the ZK ticketed Devconnect events)

Yours sincerely,

The team at Devconnect 🦄

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