Announcing Ethereum Constantinople/St. Petersburg Update


The Ethereum Network will be upgraded in a planned manner. Block Number 7,280,000 is the estimated date for this to occur. Thursday, February 28, 2019 is the expected date, though this may vary depending on the blackout times. It can take as little as 1-2 days for the update to be live. On You can find a countdown timer on this page You You You can monitor network updates in real time

What Are Constantinople And Saint Petersburg?

Constantinople And Saint Petersburg are the titles given to this network update. Previous Network Other names for updates include: spurious dragon Y Byzantium. The The two names are given as the Original Constantinople Network Upgrade was delayed, requiring two protocol updates to fix multiple issues. Ethereum Testnets Like Ropsten.

Do I need to do anything as an Ethereum User or Ethereum Holder?

If You Use an exchange (like Coinbase, KrakenOr Binance), a web wallet service (like Metamask, MyCryptoOr MyEtherWallet), a mobile wallet service (like Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet), or a hardware wallet (such as Ledger, TrezorYou KeepKey or any other exchange, you don’t need to do anything unless it is necessary for your wallet.

What Should I Do As a Node/Miner Operator?

Download The Latest version of your Ethereum client:

What Happens If I’m Not a Miner/Node Operator But Don’t Participate in the Upgrade?

If You Use an Ethereum Client It will sync with the pre-network update blockchain if it hasn’t been updated to the latest version (mentioned earlier). You You You will be locked in an incompatible chain, and you will not be able to send ether or trade. Ethereum Network post-update

Is An Upgrade of the Network Possible in Ethereum-land?

Network Upgrades are a modification of the underlying network. Ethereum Protocol is a set of new rules that are designed to improve the system. The The Decentralized blockchain systems make it harder to upgrade the network. Network Upgrades Blockchains can only be used if there is collaboration with the community as well as the developers of different applications Ethereum Clients To ensure a smooth transition, you will need to be prepared.

What Happens During a Network Update?

Once Once Once the community has approved the changes, the protocol updates have been sent to all parties. Ethereum Geth Parity is one of our clientsAnd Harmony. Protocol Block numbers are triggers for changes. Any Nodes Any rules not updated to the current rule set will be retained in the existing chains, where they will still apply.

What Changes Are Occurring in Constantinople?

The Changes That are made in Constantinople These are the definitions of EIP. Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), describes the standards used to determine the Ethereum PlatformThis includes core protocol specifications as well as client APIs. The Following EIPs are now being implemented Constantinople.

EIP 145 Bitwise Shift Instructions In EVM

  • It Offers Native bitwise switching at a rate comparable to any other operation in arithmetic.

  • EVM doesn’t support bitwise operators, but it supports other logic or arithmetic operator. Shift Operation You can also use an arithmetic operator but it is more costly and takes longer. Implementing SHL/SHR use Arithmetic Each of these instructions takes 3 gas and cost 35, while each one costs 35.

  • In short: This EIP adds native functionality to certain operations on-chain, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Ethereum Constantinople and St. Petersburg Network Upgrades

Ethereum is making updates to the mainnet and testnets Ropsten in order to reverse the damage caused by the original Constantinople rollout. This second network upgrade is known as St. Petersburg. It will occur in the exact same block as Constantinople.

The following EIPs were included in the St. Petersburg Update network:

EIP 1014 Skinny CREATE2

  • This new opcode is available at 0xf5. It takes 4 stack arguments: envelope, memory_start, memory_length, and memory_start. Salt is also necessary. It behaves identically to CREATE, except that it uses keccak256(0xff ++ address ++ salt ++ keccak256(init_code))[12:] as the address at which the contract was signed.

  • This allows interactions with addresses not yet included in the chain, but which can be trusted to contain code that was created using some startup software.

  • It is important for state channel use cases that involve counterfactual interaction of contracts.

  • In short: This EIP allows contact with addresses that have not yet been created and makes them more affordable and easier.


  • This EIP is an opcode that returns the Keccak256 hash of a contract code.

  • Many contracts must check the bytecode of contracts, but they don’t necessarily have to use the bytecode. For example, a contract could check, parse, and whitelist any contract matching the bytecode.

  • Currently, you can use the EXTCODECOPY opcode. However, this is expensive for large contracts or cases in which the hash is not necessary. As a result, EXTCODEHASH, a new code, has been implemented. It returns a keccak256 hash of the contract’s bytecode.

  • In short: This EIP makes certain items on-chain less expensive (less gas is required).

EIP 1234 Constantinople Block Reward adjustment and delaying difficulty bombing

  • This EIP proposes delaying the slow-accelerating difficulty bomb (also known as the “ice age”) by about 12 months and reducing the block reward in order to adjust for the Ice-age delay.

  • In short: This EIP guarantees that the blockchain will not be frozen until proof-of-stake is implemented.

ELIMINATE EIP 1283 Net Gas Measurement For SSTORE Without Dirty Maps

Thank you!

Many thanks to the Ethereum community and Ethereum developers from various platforms and clients who gathered to share their feedback, ideas, and contributions. Special thanks to Reddit User cartercarlson who allowed us to use his Reddit post and the My Crypto team who allowed us to use their “Ethereum Constantinople: everything you need to know” Medium post.

DISCLAIMER: This is an emerging and highly technical space. You can apply the tips in this article, but it is important to fully comprehend its implications. You must understand the risks involved, including unexpected errors. If you follow these tips, you are responsible for all consequences. These recommendations are not intended to be a sale. They do not provide any warranty. Here are some examples of clients.

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