Ethereum Dev Progress for Week 41


This article is an effort to keep the community informed about what’s going on in the Ethereum world. We will post bi-weekly updates about the project’s development. This should give you a high-level overview without needing to go into the GitHubs.

The Go and C++ teams are holding daily meetings and making steady progress to improve the environment. Furthermore, they are busy prepping for DEVCON1, including preparing lectures and presentations. More details will be released in the forthcoming weeks. If you haven’t already, register now at and join the festivities in London this upcoming month. Now, let’s get into the updates…


Next week, a GUI wallet will be available, either in Geth or Eth client form. The team is working hard to fix bugs and provide binaries for all platforms.

Thin Client

The team is currently prototyping the LES subprotocol and this is just the start. They will continue to work on thin client features with greater support for embedded and mobile scenarios. Additionally, work on Quick Sync is underway to facilitate the transition.


Certain types have been added to the list, along with improved exception handling throughout. Additionally, there have been a number of improvements to Christian’s Robustness of the browser Project, and continuous refinement is being implemented for the Mix UI.


The team is working towards a 1.0 Release, and a new RC should be available soon. They have refactored the error reporting system (“Exceptions”) and libraries now have the capability of accessing calling contract storage by passing storage reference types. Changes are also happening to the build system, using Jenkins.


The team is continuing to work towards the release of Geth 1.3, which will primarily be internal API improvements and speed boosts for future features. Additionally, there is still work to be done for Windows builds, with the goal of making source code scripts available soon. Quick Sync is also being added to the client to allow for faster network synchronization for full nodes.

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